Founded by longtime DC resident Judy Tiger, Just That Simple
                         provides home & office organizing services in DC and the 
                         surrounding metropolitan area.  Judy's philosophy is that you
                         deserve to enjoy your home and office, to find what you need
                         quickly and easily, and to have places to put things away.
                         If that isn't happening now, she believes 'you could use a little
                         help.'   It's "just that simple!"

Judy came to organizing after seventeen years running a local community & youth gardening nonprofit and before that periods of project management and traditional folk festival production.  Add to that her early years living in Iran and India as a foreign service child.  This diverse background is reflected in her attention to detail, her dedication to helping people, her sensitivity to the individuality of clients, and her organizing skills.  

Looking back, it turns out that Judy was an organizer 'by nature' long before starting the business.  The kitchen, the nonprofit office, the clothes -- all organized!  And finally it was the organizing help she gave to a friend's busy apartment-based mail order business that gave her the idea to market her skills and give others the relief that comes with being able to find everything. 

At Just That Simple, we don't dictacte, judge or gossip.  We believe that everyone has a different style, different taste, and different needs.  Just That Simple will provide a strong, energetic, non-judgmental, discreet, practical and creative organizer to help you restore order to your life.  The goal of organizing is for it to work for you! 

We want you to enjoy being at home & at work, to find these spaces both relaxing and productive, to welcome others to visit you.  Need some help making that happen?

Depending upon your deadline and what you need to get done, we can provide an individual organizer or a team of organizers.

We will help you sort through your papers and belongings, decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to discard.  We will help you find places to put everything away in a way that suits your style, making it easy to find, use, and put away.  We will help you create systems for you to stay organized.

It's "just that simple!"

About Just That Simple
"There were piles everywhere...on the floor, the table, the counters, in the attic and the basement!  
It was overwhelming!
But now it is clean and clear and peaceful."